Extraordinary Leadership in 2021
Nancy Kaur
20 May 2021

‘Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.’ Unknown.

Leadership is not about personality; it is about behaviour – an observable set of skills and abilities. Here are some behaviours that can promote extraordinary leadership in 2021.

  1. Model the way

Model the way – leaders establish the principles of the way people should be treated.  They create standards of excellence.  They put up signposts when people are unsure of where to go or how to get there; and they create opportunities for success.

2. Inspire a shared vision

Extraordinary leaders envision the future, creating an ideal and realisation of the future state of the organisation.  Through their charisma and persuasive actions, they can aspire others to engage with that vision.  They get people excited about the possibilities for the future.

3. Challenge the Process

Leaders are disruptors who consistently challenge the status quo.  They encourage experimentation and are risk takers.  They see mistakes or failures as learning opportunities.

4. Enable others to act

Leaders foster collaboration and build highly effective teams. They actively involve others.  Leaders understand and demonstrate mutual respect. They consistently strive to create an environment based on trust and respect.  They continually strengthen others to make sure each person feels capable and powerful.

5. Encourage the heart

By encouraging passion and commitment you encourage the heart.  Recognise individual contributions of team members. Make people feel important and accomplished.

Can you imagine having a leader who consistently demonstrates these behaviours?  I believe that they would be my dream leader. 

Perhaps it is up to us as future leaders to showcase these behaviours, set the standard of leadership?

Ultimately, ‘leadership is about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.’ Alan Keith.

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