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12 August 2021
Nancy Kaur

23 Time Management Techniques for Busy People

Apply these 23-time management techniques to maximize your happiness while at work, not the amount of time you spend working. Use the newfound time in activities you value, such as spending time with your family, working on side-projects, practicing a hobby, or developing your skills...
29 July 2021
Nancy Kaur

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Working well with others is a process that begins with emotional awareness and your ability to recognize and understand what other people are experiencing. Once emotional awareness is in play, you can...
26 July 2021
Nancy Kaur

Working with your team leader – where to from here, and how can we get there?

Once you are firmly embedded in your new leadership role and have built a strong and trusting relationship with your team leader. Here are some strategies that will offer practical steps to accomplish new expectations and objectives...
13 July 2021
Nancy Kaur

After I've started in my new role, what shall I do in the first 100 days?

How do you strategically set yourself up for success in the first 100 days of a new leadership role? Try focusing on critical aspects of the position such as...
7 July 2021
Nancy Kaur

Building Self Confidence

Confidence doesn’t mean you’re always right; it means you are not afraid to be wrong. While we want to look confident and capable there are times when we must overcome insecurity...
18 June 2021
Nancy Kaur

Starting a New Role - 2021 & Beyond

You have landed the dream role. Congratulations! How do you set yourself up for success even before you step into the position? Here are three tips that may provide you with some guidance. 1. Clarify the role, expectations and identify the resources. 2. Learn as much as you can. 3. Set up the first few weeks. Be clear on the expectations of the role before you start. Learn as much as you can by...
10 June 2021
Nancy Kaur

What is leadership?

Leadership can be described as the ability to persuade others willingly to behave differently. It is the process of influencing people – getting them to do their best to achieve the desired result. It involves developing and communicating a vision for the future, motivating people, and securing their engagement. But how do we get there? How to we develop as a leader? What are some of the characteristics of a leader?
9 June 2021
Nancy Kaur

I Want to be an Authentic Leader When I Grow Up

What does authentic leadership really mean? Well, authentic leaders are aware of their own and other people’s values/morals, knowledge, and strengths. Leadership theorists perceive authentic leadership to be the root concept or foundation to all forms of positive leadership.
27 May 2021
Nancy Kaur

12 Principles of Successful Leaders

What are characteristics of successful leaders? And do you act or perform differently at home and at work? The twelve principles of successful leaders propose a range of considerations for leadership in today’s challenging world.
22 May 2021
Nancy Kaur


Influence is a critical trait for leaders today. The trick is to find equity, respect, and compassion as we share a vision for the future. Warren G Bennis claims that, ‘leaders are people who believe so passionately that they can seduce other people into sharing their dream.
20 May 2021
Nancy Kaur

Leaders Supporting Organisation Change

There is much to consider as you prepare to implement organisational change. If you are in the midst of organisational change, it is important to admit how hard it will be. There are many obstacles that will test your resilience and optimism. Although, if you do the necessary work to prepare yourself and your organisation for the journey then...
20 May 2021
Nancy Kaur

Extraordinary Leadership in 2021

As Elon Musk reminds us, I think ordinary people can choose to be extraordinary.’ Can you imagine being a person who inspires others and models the way of an exemplary leader? I believe that they would be my dream leader. Perhaps it is up to us to set the standard of extraordinary leadership?
12 May 2021
Nancy Kaur

Nine Roles for Great Leadership

Leadership is a process of social influence, which boosts the endeavours of others, towards a common goal. Leadership is diverse. There are many roles, responsibilities, and practices for leaders today. In this article we have identified nine roles of great leadership for you to explore.
5 May 2021
Nancy Kaur

Trust in Leadership

Trust is the thread that weaves throughout all our relationships. Trust is the single most essential element to our ability to deliver extraordinary results for organisations today. Trust fuels high performance and is a defence against dysfunction. Identifying the importance of trust in our key relationships ensures...
5 May 2021
Nancy Kaur

Courage in Leadership – 2021 and Beyond

What is courage? Courage can be referred to as ‘bravery’ or ‘valour’. From a leadership perspective, courage can take many forms. For example, speaking, up, taking charge, voicing your perspective during times of disagreement, and having that authentic conversation? That means, that courage can be or is one of the most appreciated capabilities of leaders today.
31 March 2021
Nancy Kaur

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